Subtitle Horse: Online Subtitle/Captions Editor

Subtitle Horse is an online subtitle/captions editor. To translate a video simply put in the URL of your FLV/MP4 file or youtube video and click the submit button. You can install the tool on your page/CMS, click here for more information. If you need help with using the tool visit the documentation page.

For a preview click here.

Insert the URL of your youtube, FLV or MP4 video here:
Insert the id and streamer here:
HTTP / RTMP    open tool fullscreen     use 3.1 (old) version


After you finished translation you can:

  • get the subtitle file in different formats (timedText, SRT, encore,...), to either save on your server or include in your youtube account.
  • get a URL to edit your titles within the next 4 days.


Video Tutorials: